About us

To our valued international guest:

Zzz Review is an independent, online, non-academic quarterly “readers’ journal” on books and reading in Vietnamese, for Vietnamese regardless of physical boundaries. We run more or less parallel to the course of publication within the country and elsewhere, and sometimes when possible, try to give a nudge to it.

As of October 2019, our modest editorial team consists of: Zét Nguyễn, who in another incarnation holds a PhD on James Joyce from NTU, Singapore and is currently building her academic CV of journal articles and book contributions, and Nguyễn An Lý, whose MA from University of York, UK helps her tremendously in translations of Margaret Atwood, Amos Oz, Kazuo Ishiguro and other authors of such forte. We have been working in publication and translation; Zzz Review is our “professional hobby”, so to speak. We are furthermore enjoying the professional support, both occassional and sustained, of various experienced and trusted friends; among whom former colleague Anh Tuệ Văn has been a tremendous help in more than one aspects since the very beginning.

Born into the first generation of private-sector publishing in Vietnam, growing up in the era of the democratizing Internet, just recently mature enough to be in conversation with and gain empathy towards our multifaceted predecessors, we hope to provide a platform where ages, genres, styles, tastes, ideologies and orientations can feel equally at ease. We invite contributions from veteran, revered translators and critics and insightful first-timers alike. The only things we do not tolerate are plagiarism and hate speech.

In a reading space already inundated with formalized academic journals and popular readers’ groups, we try to strike a balance between critical experience and youthful enthusiasm, seriousness and playfulness, quality and approachability. All in all, we hope to make use of our own expertise and standards while never losing sight of the pure joy of reading.

Zzz Review is for the foreseeable future an independent affair operating on elbow grease and the occasional donation of friends and readers. Our contributors are only promised the token gift of a book, an invitation for coffee if and when possible, and the dreaded word “exposure” – in many cases not their own but rather that of the authors, works, or issues they feel fellow readers should know and love as they themselves do.

So far we have been very lucky and grateful to attract quality contributions, as well as warm and generous support, from Vietnamese readers, publishers, journalists, authors and translators world-wide, including distinguished names such as Phạm Thị Hoài, author and founder of the influential web journal talawas of old; Thuận, author; Đăng Thư, celebrated translator of Charles Dickens, Salman Rushdie, Karel Čapek among others; the estate of the late Nguyễn Trung Đức, unrivalled translator of Latin American authors including Borges, Juan Rulfo, García Marquez. Contributors still hold rights of individual works to publish elsewhere afterwards, and we endeavour to introduce their works to publishers, journals and other conventional (paying!) outlets within our network.

As our own reading leans towards world literature, a large part of the Review would be derivative in nature (translation, condensation, review). We strive in these cases to keep within reasonable limits of fair use, but since this is tricky practice, please advise if you find anything amiss.

If you are reading this, high chances are we are asking you for permission to reproduce one of your works in translation, or opinion on a matter that we think is both interesting to you and important for us to hear from you. If it does not inconvenience you too much, and if the idea of reaching the audience at this corner of the world/web pleases you, we would be most thankful if you can grant it, and open the door to later, further engagements in a more official capacity.

Further inquiries or discussions would be happily received at:

email: zandzpublishing @ gmail.com

or message us at: Bên phía nhà Z (Z’s Way).